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Community Cause

Hunger and Homelessness Affecting Millions of Families in Florida

Florida scores well below the national average when it comes to poverty, homelessness, and hunger. Nearly 3 million people in our state are currently living below the poverty line, and more than one in five children face daily concerns over food insecurity. Something must be done to change this reality, and Florida Insurance Partners has a plan to help.

Assisting Families in Need

As #AgentsofChange Regional Ambassadors for the Florida Gulf Coast, Florida Insurance Partners is committed to providing assistance to families in our community that require a helping hand. We will be working to support several local programs aimed at improve food availability and housing for low income families, and we will also be assisting with literacy outreach programs and educational support initiatives to give all the struggling families in our area a chance to retake control of their futures.

There are millions of people who need help, and we can’t do this alone. We need help from you and other concerned members of our community.

The Best Way to Help

The best way for you to help this effort is to invite your friends, family, and co-workers to visit our team at Florida Insurance Partners. We will provide them with a free insurance consultation as well as detailed information on how to support this campaign. Then, as a way of saying thank you, we will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local program that is actively assisting families facing hunger, poverty, homelessness, or illiteracy.

Please Join Our Team!

Hunger and homelessness in Florida are a serious problem, and we have to work together to change outcomes for the families that need help. We hope you decide to be part of our team.


Mike Arcentales

Mike Arcentales & Associates
DBA: Florida Insurance Partners

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